1 03/20/2016 rvstauff Found it

Here's 14 of my finds!  I qualify (BARELY)!!!!


Alternative to the Frog Gathering - OU074F


CMPD Canopy - OU0725

Disco Chicken - OU0727

Holey Cache #1 - OU05C8

Introduction to OpenCaching North America - OU04AE

Live Music Exchange - OU058F

Mint Hill Town Hall Virtual - OU073F

No Pen Required - OU057B

Open Grid - OU0082

SNOW Drift 4 - OU04AC

The Chrome Dome - OU077C

WTF BIT Mint Hill - OU0476

Yes Really - OU08C9

1 08/20/2015 ithink314 Found it

Here is my count, and screenshot of find list will be uploaded. Thanks!

A-D    4
G    5
I-J    6-7
L-P    8-12
S    13!

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Find List ithink314
Find List ithink314

1 08/15/2015 Atmospherium Found it

Much to my own surprise, I qualify. In fact, I listed 15 caches just to be safe.

Amherst's Amazing Talking Toilet - OU083D
Bond Lake Park - Upper Escarpment - OU0280
Cambria's Hillside Cemetery - OU0305
Erie Canal Museum - Lockport, N.Y. - OU02B6
Freedom Crossing - OU0490
Giant Metal Chicken of Death - OU02C2
J.C. Matteson Memorial - OU02C7
Natureview Park - OU0492
Opencaching Holiday Event - OU0186
Pembroke Park Cache - OU00B7
Quercus Humongous - OU00B6
Ridges of Chestnut - OU00C5
Spirit of Victory - OU0491
Two mile multi - OU00A1
Why are they there? - OU0279

1 08/11/2015 Borst68 Found it

here's my "halphabet"


"OU083D","Amherst's Amazing Talking Toilet"

"OU00E5","Belva Lockwood"

"OU0389","Canal Concrete waterfall structure BIT Cache",

"OU02B6","Erie Canal Museum

"OU053C","Flocking to Times Beach"

"OU0460","Glen Falls Park"

"OU048F","Joseph Davis State Park"

"OU0492","Natureview Park",

"OU00B7","Pembroke Park Cache",

"OU00BD","Russell Park",

"OU005D",Scrub Jay"

"OU027F","Two if by land","

"OU0279","Why are they there?"

1 08/05/2015 GoinPostNet Found it

Here's my list...thanks for the challenge!


A Tribute to Hugh - http://coord.ch/OU071C

Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw! - http://coord.ch/OU071F

El Lobo - (GCGC) - http://coord.ch/OU059A

GCGC BIT - http://coord.ch/OU072C

HOMELAND: Brodey House - http://coord.ch/OU05CF

Infiltrator - http://coord.ch/OU054C

James K. Polk Birthplace - http://coord.ch/OU0136

KP Park - http://coord.ch/OU0719

Live Music Exchange - http://coord.ch/OU058F

Open Hole - http://coord.ch/OU01C3

Stumptown Webcam - http://coord.ch/OU0739

TermiteHunter XD - (GCGC) - http://coord.ch/OU059B

WTF BIT Mint Hill - http://coord.ch/OU0476

1 05/30/2015 Mr.Yuck Found it

You know what? I'm sure the GeoGet or GSAK screen shots are fine. So much so that I've edited the cache page, and am doing it like that myself. Laughing I have 18 letters so I'm posting them all.
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Yuck GeoGet output
Yuck GeoGet output

1 05/18/2015 NativTxn Found it

Here's my list so far.  I need N, P, Q, U, V, X, Y, Z for the whole alphabet.

http://coord.ch/OU04BD A Texan Comes to Balmer, Hon
http://coord.ch/OU0383 Baltimore Immigration Depot
http://coord.ch/OU02E7 Cache Retrieval Vehicle Rolling BITcache
http://coord.ch/OU02AB Don't Take Any
http://coord.ch/OU05A9 Eye of the Needle
http://coord.ch/OU04FE flower71's Event Cache
http://coord.ch/OU009E Good for Your Soul #2
http://coord.ch/OU03DC Hard Map to Read
http://coord.ch/OU054C Infiltrator
http://coord.ch/OU0272 Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park Guestbook
http://coord.ch/OU04D4 Kernan Healing Garden Guestbook
http://coord.ch/OU0084 La Plaza de Spana
http://coord.ch/OU02AE Medal of Honor - Laddie Stupka
http://coord.ch/OU07B9 OCNA Challenge Cache - Creator Level 4
http://coord.ch/OU058B Restaged
http://coord.ch/OU02FD Self-Served
http://coord.ch/OU0036 Texauisiana Cache
http://coord.ch/OU04A5 WWFM IX: After the Flash

1 05/17/2015 sfcchaz Found it

Just as DudleyGrunt stated, I only need two more letters (X & Z) to complete the alphabet.
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sfcchaz Half Alphabet Challenge (cach names)
sfcchaz Half Alphabet Challenge (cach names)

1 05/13/2015 cycleangela Found it

Here's my list. Thanks for setting these up!

A - http://coord.ch/OU0425

B - http://coord.ch/OU0194

C - http://coord.ch/OU02E7

D - http://coord.ch/OU0093

F - http://coord.ch/OU008C

G - http://coord.ch/OU009E

H - http://coord.ch/OU02EB

I - http://coord.ch/OU02F5

J - http://coord.ch/OU0272

L - http://coord.ch/OU0382

M - http://coord.ch/OU0227

N - http://coord.ch/OU04C6

O - http://coord.ch/OU003B

P - http://coord.ch/OU0507

R - http://coord.ch/OU039A

S - http://coord.ch/OU03D0

T - http://coord.ch/OU04CA

W - http://coord.ch/OU055E

Y - http://coord.ch/OU038A

1 05/06/2015 tripman1 Found it

I had more than I thought for this one.

List so far:


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1 05/04/2015 TommyGator Found it

Here's my qualifiers:

A http://coord.ch/OU00EE

B http://coord.ch/OU013D

C http://coord.ch/OU020F

D http://coord.ch/OU028D

F http://coord.ch/OU0113

G http://coord.ch/OU0242

H http://coord.ch/OU03DC

I http://coord.ch/OU05D6

J http://coord.ch/OU0761

K http://coord.ch/OU049D

L http://coord.ch/OU0304

M http://coord.ch/OU0556

N http://coord.ch/OU02EA


1 05/03/2015 DudleyGrunt Found it

I'm only 2 letters shy from being able to log a full aphablet cache name challenge.  Would need X and Z.  Here is A-M as screenshot from GSAK.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

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Cache Names (A-M)
Cache Names (A-M)

1 05/02/2015 TermiteHunter Found it

3 for 3 so far