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1 06/16/2018 havocgeo Found it

Off the list

1 06/03/2018 Lifeisguud Found it

I went out looking for a letterbox and stubbled upon this in my search. I'm an avid geocaching.com cacher with approx. 5300 finds but had never heard of opencaching.us. So here I am signing up for this caching website. It's all about the hunt and find! There was nothing but the log in the cache. Thanks for the placement.

1 09/09/2017 Bon Echo Found it

Needed to make a trip to Alden for some food, and stoped into this cemetery for the cache and a letterbox. Not too many cemeteries like this in Canada - most stones are broken and hard to read. Found the cache without problem, and was suprised to find not one but two of the original OCNA pathtags! Really wanted to take one but since I already own one and since I didn't have anything eaqual to trade, I left them both. Those are some sweet swag items! Thanks Sabrefan7 for another great cache. Made it back to Darien Lake in time for the Ignite the Night show which was very cool.

1 11/01/2015 Mr.Yuck Found it

And I'm back! Excellent coordinates, my phone is like totally useless for Geocaching; walked right up to this. My plan was to text the cache owner, and tell him I was in his hood, but I was like, I don't know, 2 hours behind schedule, so that never happened. Awesome historic cemetery, thanks! I left a dollar for one of our rare, almost retired pathtgs. Laughing

2 08/23/2015 Mr.Yuck Didn't find it

Always nice to see CC being CC. I didn't find it!! I was just using c:geo on the phone, and my gps on it is notorious for being horrible under tree cover. I ended up looking in the spot H to the Bizzle's cache was in, and thinking it was missing. Silly me, I'll be back.

1 06/08/2015 Recommendation Cayuga Crew Found it

Nice to see a new cache published on Opencaching.US that’s not a recycled geocache decades old, a virtual with coords probably uploaded from google earth where the owner probably didn’t visit the site, crammed into a cubby with a existing geocache in the preposterous belief that someone would not notice it on the other site before spotting it here, cross listed on multiple different caching sites or one of those glorified munzee sticker caches so often published on this site.
Alas I digress. Of course I have visited this historic cemetery before looking for insects, reptiles and amphibians which have apparently fled for greener, slimier locations. Although I am not much of a letterboxer I did take a tour of the grounds admiring the tombstones after I located the cache and signed in. Despite passing nearby on route 20 approximately 3,614 times this was the second time I actually stopped to take a look. Thanks for reminding me that it is a worth pulling over and looking around. Thanks for placing this one and sticking to the mission statement first presented on this site.