9 07/24/2015 DJCreekCachers Cache archived

Cache was archived.

2 07/30/2013 Mr.Yuck Didn't find it

I will assume it's a much ranier summer than usual in the Miami Valley, as it is where I come from (Western, NY), and the undergrowth is brutal this year. I coudn't come up with this cache in the undergrowth in late July! After checking many spots, I did poke around with a stick in the spot where I consistenly zeroed out on the GPS, but didn't find anything. But as I said in my log for Florence's 80th birthday cache, I was already running late, and had to hit the road. I'm not declaring it missing or anything, I just didn't have the time for a full search. Thanks for placing SW Ohio's first OC Geocache!!

1 08/06/2012 Bernoulli Found it

This is the first official OC I've found and it was just as advertised - some bushwhacking required.  Granted, not more than about 6 feet of bushwhacking but still...Cool

I really wanted to make my first find an OC only cache so I targeted this one.  I like the idea that Opencaching.us is giving us virtuals and the Dead Drop is pretty slick - I'll have one out within the week.  

This was a nice sized cache and the log was nice and dry - there was a bit of water in the cache but I dried it out and replaced.  

Thanks for my first OC!


1 01/30/2012 TommyGator Found it

The sun was just about to set so this was my last find of the day.  I had been to this cemetery before for another cache so had a pretty good idea where I needed to go.  Made a quick find and was surprised by the nice swag---hadn't brought any with me so left the goodies for the next finders.  Cache had just a bit of water in it (which I dumped out), but was otherwise ok.  Nicely done---TFTC!

3 03/25/2011 DJCreekCachers Comment

Laughing  We stopped by the cache today to perform a check-up.  Everything is in good shape and dry.  This cache is begging for someone to come find it.  Keep on Cachin'!

1 03/12/2011 Grey-n-Red Found it

My first opencaching find. I wanted to find a cache placed uniquely for opencaching before I started logging all the ones that share terracaching and geocaching. My GSPr didn't want me to take the easy way so I took a romp throug the woods first. TFTC

1 01/29/2011 littlepod Found it

CSOH had to head home so I went over and found this one on my own. TFTC.

1 01/17/2011 5BizzyBs Found it

Nice hunk o' cache you hid there.
Hard to miss that naturally occurring horizontally placed pile of sticks and twigs.
Hope the groundskeeper doesn't find it just as easy to spot.

Like TerraCaches, Opencaches will probably only get found a few times a year, if even that.
Most people only want to deal with one caching site, that being the biggest and most popular.

A cache is a cache, no matter what site it's listed.

Thanks For The Cache, Opencache Find #3

1 12/10/2010 PZ Dude Found it

Cool Well, a short walk and I was there. Thanks for a hide that is really chock full of some good swag. Had nothing so I took nothing. 

1 10/08/2010 piano2ner Found it

FTF @ 8:15 am

I had never heard of open caching before D&J sent me an email with a link to this cache. They know how much I like to find caches and especially love to be FTF. Great hide I am very excited to find the first cache in SW Ohio! I took the black cat and left a classical piano cd and a few tuning wedges.