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1 08/21/2011 cycleangela Found it

After checking on some of my nearby caches, I finally made my way over to this one to make the find. I was in this area a while back, and wanted to try, but that was during the winter, and didn't really want to take my chances with the creek crossings at the time. Once I got to GZ, I put the GPS away and the mind shortly thereafter. Thanks for the cache and the walk!

3 11/29/2010 DudleyGrunt Comment

Given the news that TerraCaching.com is scheduled to shut down on 31 Dec 2010 AND the fact that I just added this cache to OpenCaching.us, I archived the TC listing and this is now and OCUS ONLY cache.

1 11/28/2010 sfcchaz Found it

Laughing FTF Laughing 8:46 AM. As this was my second time here, the find was easy. I already visited the cache when it was listed as a terracache.

I took the pathtag and left my personal pathtag. TFTC