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9 08/20/2015 Mr.Yuck Cache archived

Cache was archived. Yeah, easy find. should be about 2 feet off the ground in the crotch of a 5 trunk or so tree. Yeah, there was a "teepee" in the woods there even back in 2012.

2 08/15/2015 Atmospherium Didn't find it

I had no trouble gathering coords; even helped a disc golfer find his disc. Once I found a way to bike close to GZ, I searched a typical patch of suburban scrub woods until it wasn't fun anymore. Then I remembered the hint and searched all likely places again. Still nothing. Probably those teepee kids grabbed it years ago.

3 11/05/2012 Mr.Yuck Comment

Didn't realize this was dnice's first and only OCNA find with BarbershopDru. I will have to pester him (and her) to start finding some more of these things! Anyways, I took 4 Boy Scouts to find this cache in the middle of October (I just gave them the coordinates, didn't make them do the calculation), and it's in decent shape.

1 08/10/2012 GOF Found it

Always enjoy finding one of your caches. Thanks for the fun.

3 07/16/2012 DudleyGrunt Comment

Spending some of my "cached" favorite points.  This this one prior to GeoWoodstock IX, last year.  I really enjoyed this one.

1 02/05/2012 Borst68 Found it

Made a quick find on Super Bowl Sunday.  Enjoyed a warm sunny day in WNY.  Thanks for placing this one.

1 07/11/2011 dnice Found it

found with barbershopdru... took the difficult way in and the easy way out.. thanks for the cache...

1 07/10/2011 Barbershopdru Found it

Frolf it is!

I had just completed 17 miles on the bike for caches from the other site, and barely had energy left for this one.  But I had figured out the numbers in the morning, so talked dnice into coming to the final with me.

Being an old lady with a somewhat jumbled brain, I parked when the arrow turned.  BIG mistake.  So after bushwhacking for 200 feet, muttering...I know HE would NOT do this to me...it was obvious that a mistake had been made.  So once the cache was found, signed and returned, it made more sense to take the EASY way out!  LOL. The only thing that made it even more crazy was that SGT_BEN called just as we were on the way here, so I talked to him on the cell the whole way in. 'Course he aready is aware of his Mother's mental state!

Thanks for the Opening....

1 07/08/2011 Rayman Found it

Frolf? I've honestly never heard of this term. It makes sense I guess. So I headed to Ellicott Creek Park tonight for two reasons. First to find this cache and second to unlock my Pepsi Summer foursquare badge. I successfully did both. Had no troubles figuring out the coords with nobody around, although just as I got back to my car a couple players were just beginning to "tee off". The walk to the cache was buggy, and that was in the open grassy area. Once I got to the cache they swarmed me! A couple managed to get some blood from me, but I just couldn't sign the log with my name. Nice hide, pal.

1 06/30/2011 JuniorNimrod Found it

Found with DudleyGrunt (dad) on the way to Niagara Falls, prior to GeoWoodstock.  Enjoyed the walk to the cache.  It was "flip flop friendly".  Like dad said, our troop does "frolf" each January.


1 06/30/2011 Recommendation DudleyGrunt Found it

2770.  FTF! Cool  I reviewed and approved this cache in Jessup, MD at 4:55, this morning.  Usually, I'll give folks more of a chance at the FTF, but I figured I wouldn't back this way soon and since I had to drive over 400 miles to get here, the locals had their opportunity.  Besides, this was DG (Disc Golf) cache, so I figured that the FTF should go to a DG.

Our Boy Scout troop goes disc golfing each January.  We call it our Klondike Disc Golf outing.  We don't always have snow on the ground, but it's generally at least pretty cold.

Found with my son, JuniorNimrod, but he doesn't have an OCUS acct, yet.  I'll have to take care of that when we get back home.

Left a couple wooden nickels, a DG DTOM Pathtag, and an OCUS patch.

Thanks and Happy Trails!