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1 07/08/2012 mcrt Found it

Some people were talking about OC vs GC since this one was doubled up I thought I would swing by to grab it.

I found this as a GC a couple of years ago. One thing I find funny is that not only is OC competing against GC, but OC.com is competing against OC.us. Oh the drama.

1 12/18/2010 Questor Found it

Doubled my opencaching total with this one - now I have found two.

1 11/16/2010 masterpuzzler Found it

Another quick stop while in the area, thanks

1 11/14/2010 Fledermaus Found it

Was in Shoreline, WA. Sunday morning and all three of the NEW OC-US caches in this area were on my "Must-Do" list. I did them in reverse order S-N and this one was the second to be found. The picture is of a view near the cache site. /\/(°w°)\/\
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OC-US Interurban Trail #2
OC-US Interurban Trail #2