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9 04/20/2017 Team Four Paw Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 04/20/2017 TommyGator Comment

CO archived this cache on crosslisted site for cause.  Is the cache still viable?

1 08/07/2011 gsguru Found it

WOW.... this was a fantastic little hike. So picturesque were the varied views that I am berating myself for leaving my camera at home. I don't know birds but I do enjoy looking for them. Thanks so much for bringing me here. You rock.

1 12/16/2010 davarle Found it

It was so nice outside, I decided to take a walk in this beautiful sanctuary. We used to go to this location when my children were younger, so it was nice to be back again. I crunched the leaves as I walked through the winding trails, crossing wooden bridges, and heard the occasional sound of birds chirping in the tall trees. That wonderful musty smell of leaves perfumed the air. I got to GZ, and found the cache easily. Now I had to find my way back. I guess I should have paid more attention to the way I got there instead of concentrating on the beauty around me, because there are so many turns to the trails. I only made one wrong turn at the end, but quickly realized my mistake.
This IS geocaching - introducing people to an interesting location, where there you take a beautiful trail to get there. It doesn't get much better than this!

1 12/05/2010 geohiker Found it

I have been wanting to find these caches here since they came out.  We had a great hike on the trails to find this one.  Who would have known this place was here in the middle of the city.  Cache in in great shape.  SL  TFTC
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Trail to Audubon
Trail to Audubon

1 08/31/2010 Manofsteel Found it

FTF! this morning at 10:05.  I did not know this Nature Sanctuary was here.  It has some really great trails.  I enjoyed the stroll to GZ even though it was getting warm this morning.  I found the cache after a short search and headed back to work. SL. TFTC!