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1 01/06/2018 ithink314 Found it

I found this handing around in the bitter cold in the shade, but on the ground. It was impossible to open without so much force I was concerned about damaging the sides, so I took it to my car to warm up a bit. When the ice melted, it opened easily. There was so much inside I wasn't sure what should be moved. Also, I only found one log, inside the smaller moveable cache, so I only signed that one, and left everything as found. It seemed away from the coords, but I left it near where found. A piece of pine needle fell out in my car, so I had a pleasant scent to enjoy for a while.

Thanks, QueensGrantMusic, for setting this up!

+/- 142 @ January 6, 2018 9:41 AM

1 05/11/2016 gbmcache Found it

This was a nice cache to have found not far into the woods. There is so much swag in the container that I would not know which to take. The contents however are slightly damp and could use a good airing in the Sun. It's been over a year since the cash was last found.

1 08/18/2015 rvstauff Found it

Got it! That was a fun cache, with exception of the mosquitoes!

I logged two geokrets as well as a moving cache! Fun. Thanks for the cache, QGM!

3 08/11/2015 QueensGrantMusic Comment

Added some geoKety's, some moving caches and more.

1 08/10/2015 TermiteHunter Found it

Yep that's a big one. Added another item to the stash.