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1 04/16/2018 TermiteHunter Found it

Well arriving 2 hours early for a flight is bit much at this time of day. I would rather be flying in that little thing. Like a VW beetle for the sky

1 11/18/2016 texliebmann Found it

I already logged this once, but the OC site crashed. Here is my second attempt. Fortunately I took a picture during my visit.

I was on a visit from the Beehive heading back home.

This cache exemplifies why I like vituals: you can learn something and see something interesting.


1 06/24/2016 bluebunny7 Found it

Great way to fight boredom.



1 05/28/2016 Katja104 Found it

I already had a suspicion what this cache is about when reading the description. Indeed, great cache and great pleasure in a remote spot of the airport. Totally worth the detour. TFTC

1 01/13/2015 E7E Found it

Rarely come through D. Thanks for the side trip and brief detour to bide some time.

1 08/20/2014 ithink314 Found it

[B][size=2][navy] Had some extra time at CLT. [green]Thanks, bamafan323, for setting this up! [Size=1][/b][black]
+/- #20 @ August 20, 2014 2:28 PM

1 06/02/2014 themulcher Found it

After mis reading/understanding  the instructions, i went back and reviewed where I made the mistake. Realizing my error, I have the needed info  Thanks for making me think.

1 05/28/2014 GoinPostNet Found it

Grabbed this virtual before heading out of town for the PostNet conference. Thanks for the cache!

1 05/03/2014 rvstauff Found it

At the airport for the second time in 3 days. First trip was to Bama, now off to Germany!

Not bad for someone who doesn't get out of Mint Hill very often!

Really cool cache! Well worth the cross airport sprint from concourse A!

Thanks bamafan!

1 04/18/2013 medic302 Found it

On a flight out to Dallas to do some caching with Bamafan and he introduced me to open aching and the virtual cache. Awesome way to start this trip!