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1 05/02/2018 simrebel Found it

i currenltly have created 36 


1 10/19/2017 ithink314 Found it

## ** It seems I qualified for OCNA Challenge Cache - Creator Level 2 and.... with the Total solar eclipse event on 8/21/2017, or maybe when it was created/listed a year earlier on 8/20/2016. ** ##

### **Thanks, OCNAChallenges, for setting this up!** ###

+/- 122 @ October 19, 2017 12:12 PM.

1 08/10/2015 Bon Echo Found it

I published 13 Guestbook Caches and 1 webcam cache in the last 4 days, brining my total active OCNA hides from 14 to 28. Yes, I personally visited every one of the guestbooks and webcams. And i have a few more to publish still. Great fun! But I think it will be a while until I hit the 100 mark. BTW I now have more active hides on OCNA vs. groundspeak, fwiw

3 06/10/2015 kingbee Comment

I got 40

1 05/30/2015 Mr.Yuck Found it

I'm at exactly 50 not counting events (although events count) as of the day I'm finally logging this.

1 05/17/2015 NativTxn Found it

From my profile:

Total Number of Created Caches: 107    [Show]

Total Active Caches: 81

1 05/17/2015 sfcchaz Found it

I created my 25th OCNA cache on 21 Sep 2014. http://coord.ch/ou0787

1 05/15/2015 None Found it

Thanks for the fun challenge. We have now created 27 caches and 3 events. I am working on our first dead drop cache now.

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Our cache creations so far

1 05/02/2015 TermiteHunter Found it

Well if I have 102 created I quess I qualify for this as well

1 04/29/2015 DudleyGrunt Found it

My 25th created cache on OCNA was published on 27 February 2011.

Original Washington Monument Created by DudleyGrunt (OU025E)

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 04/29/2015 kingbee Found it

I have more than 5 out here in the west