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1 08/26/2018 texliebmann Found it

Found on a visit from Utah. TFTC

1 08/15/2018 sfcchaz Found it

Edit: originally confused the cache with a different find this morning. We parked right in front of this one.

I'm in town visiting family and had some free time after arriving at PDX early this morning. I made a definite decision to seek the OCNA caches in the area as I had not yet found them. TNLN TFTC

1 11/02/2012 tripman1 Found it

I saw how busy this place is and appreciate your placement for this one. Thanks for the hide and easy grab.

1 06/14/2011 hans415 Found it

found this but was sure a lot of muggles around that day

3 02/04/2011 N7MFT Comment

Cache has been replaced. Happy hunting.

10 02/04/2011 N7MFT Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search.

11 12/08/2010 sonicsix Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable.

2 12/07/2010 FunnyNose Didn't find it

Checked again on a less windy day and still no cache. You may want to remove the non hint from the cache listing

2 12/05/2010 FunnyNose Didn't find it

I don't think this cache is here anymore.