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4 08/19/2018 DudleyGrunt Cache moved

Finally moved this one one.

Placed in Letterbox Maryland Wye Oak - OU0AB0 in Libertytown, MD.

N 39° 29.183' W 77° 14.266'

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 07/22/2017 DudleyGrunt Found it

sfcchaz handed off to me at the Capture The Flag event for Flagstack. He had told me about how he came to acquire it recently, so glad to move it on.

Happy Trails to All!

#403 on OCNA!

1 07/08/2017 sfcchaz Found it

I had some free time this morning before attending the: 2017 MGS Summer Picnic and decided to get some of the nearby caches I hadn't found yet. I had a great day with 18 finds, no DNFs, 5 cache types and 3 of the caches being MD virtuals.

And now another one on a different listing service.

Well, once at the picnic, ImQueenBee approached me and stated that she had something for me and I was the only person she knew that could probably made sense of it.

When I saw it, it was like, WOW!

She said she had created an account, but was unsure what to do next. I explained to her how to seek this on the site. I also told her that I had many caches on this site in the Glen Burnie area and one series in particular along the B&A Trail using the Solar System that was to scale along part of it.

Anyway, I hope she gets involved. I have been slacking in my attention to this site and DudleyGrunt has cross listed an event with a FlagStack in a couple of weeks nearby. I'll take this to the event and perhaps we will both get back in the swing of things and bring it to other people's attention.

Thanks for placing this cache. I think it may have fulfilled its goal!

12 10/13/2015 DudleyGrunt OC Team comment


3 10/13/2015 TermiteHunter Comment

Currently placed i the Cache Across America - North Carolina cache