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This is an admin account that the OCNA admins use to create Locationless Challenges Caches.


 Caches Find   Numerical Statistics of Found It caches

Total Number of Found It caches: 2    [Show]

Total Did Not Find caches: 0

Total Number of Comments: 0

Total Moved: 0

Total Number of Events Attended: 0

Number of Recommendations Given: 0

Days Caching : 1 From Total Days: 1567

Average Caches Per Caching Day: 2

Most Caches Found In A Day: 2

Most Recent Found It Cache:  OU083D  (03/24/2016)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
103/24/2016 OU04C5 Ohio's High Point


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 Caches created   Numerical Statistics of Created Caches

Total Number of Created Caches: 42    [Show]

Total Active Caches: 42    [Show]

Number of Temporarily Unavailable Caches: 0

Number of Archived Caches: 0

Number of Arranged Events: 1    [Show]

Number of Obtained Recommendations: 3 for 3 Geocaches     [Show]

Ratio of Recommended Caches to All Caches: 7%

Average Caches Per Caching Day: 7

Most Caches Hidden In A Day: 12

The Latest Created Cache:  OU0935  (10/30/2015)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
104/28/2015 OU07AE  OCNA Challenge Cache - Finder Level 1
1004/28/2015 OU07B7  OCNA Challenge Cache - Creator Level 2
2005/06/2015 OU07D9  OCNA Challenge Cache - I get around (Hider level 2)
3010/16/2015 OU0926  OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 1.5
4010/30/2015 OU0936  OCNA Challenge Cache - First To Find Hound (Level 2)


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