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My first Geocaching find was 6 May 2007 and from that point on I was hooked. My first Terracaching find was 5 Oct 2008 and totally by accident as I was seeking a geocache at that time. Thanks to DudleyGrunt I'm also active in Navicaching and NOW OpenCaching! I also collect pathtags and have a signature tag of my own. View it at: http://www.pathtags.com/community/gallerysearch.php?searchterm=12028

sfcchaz came about as sfc = Sergeant First Class (Army) and chaz; a nickname I've had since childhood.


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latest_cache:  OU0AC8  (04/06/2019)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
107/05/2009 OU01E1 SpongeBob Faithpants
10003/04/2012 OU03C1 LWT: B&O Railroad Station
20008/09/2014 OU01C7 Miller-Cory House Museum
30005/23/2015 OU07D2 After GW Event at The Original Washington Monument


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latest_created_cache:  OU0B45  (09/09/2018)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
109/05/2010 OU008C  Fort McHenry National Monument
1006/27/2012 OU04C4  Rockin' The Paradise Bit Cache
2007/27/2014 OU075E  OCUS Dead Drop Cache
3008/15/2015 OU08D8  Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Base of Clump
4009/25/2015 OU091D  Middle Patuxent Overlook


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