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País: United States
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I have been Caching since 9/10/2007. What followed was a 9 day search for the elusive LPC.

I am active in my local club, The Greater Charlotte Geocaching Club, as a "Lackey" or Admin member where I champion Alternative Caching with OCNA being the dominant alternative available in the area.

I have been with OCNA since it's launch, hiding some of the earliest caches on the site. I began working with OCNA as the WikiAdmin for the site. As of 9/2015 I have been added as the third Admin along with Dudley Grunt and MrYuck.


 Caches Find   stat_number_found

total_number_found_caches: 107    [mostrar]

total_dnf_caches: 5    [mostrar]

total_comments: 112

total_moved: 9    [mostrar]

total_attended_events: 5    [mostrar]

number_recommendations_given: 2    [mostrar]

days_caching: 55 from_total_days: 2700

average_caches: 1

most_caches: 10

latest_cache:  OU077B  (11/06/2017)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
109/12/2010 OU009C Paint Crew
10001/22/2016 OU0937 OCNA Challenge Cache - Seasonal Cacher (Winter)


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 Caches created   stat_created_caches

total_created_caches: 117    [mostrar]

El número de cajas: 77    [mostrar]

number_temp_caches: 0

number_archived_caches: 40

number_created_events: 2    [mostrar]

number_obtain_recommendations: 31 for 16 _caches_     [mostrar]

ratio_recommendations: 13%

average_caches: 1

most_caches_hidden: 7

latest_created_cache:  OU0ABC  (09/04/2017)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
108/30/2010 OU007B  Open Forest
10005/05/2014 OU070F  100


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