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"DudleyGrunt" goes back nearly 30 years now. A good friend, employer, and comic shop proprietor Steve C. gave me and a number of my friends some unusual individual nicknames and this was mine. About the same time, one friend's girlfriend took to calling us The Nimrods. I don't think it was meant as a compliment, but it has also stuck.

I have been geocaching since May 30, 2006, when I was introduced to it by my uncle, ROOKIE49. Along with OpenCaching, I am active on TerraCaching, Navicache, and...umm...that other site...Groundspeak.

I've taken it as sort of my personal mission to promote the existence of "alternative" geocaching services to the general geocaching public. Toward that end, I've set up a Facebook group called Geocachers Unlimited. Check us out.

We never seek things for themselves—what we seek is the very seeking of things. - Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)



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108/21/2010 OU003B Odd Spots - What’s the Skinny?
10007/12/2012 OU04C9 Dudley Comes to WNY
20008/17/2012 OU02DD Oceanside Hide
30008/31/2014 OU0725 CMPD Canopy
40008/20/2016 OU0A15 Calvert County Meet n Greet


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108/20/2010 OU0024  An Archangel in Brookville
10008/17/2012 OU055E  Where's Dudley (NC)? - My Kind of Town


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