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I've been Geocaching since August, 2003. Just stumbled on it surfing the web, but I had stumbled on it a few months earlier, so I figured if it came up twice, I'd better check it out.

Joined OCUS the day of it's official public launch when Dudley Grunt tweeted about it on Twitter. I've always been a supporter and user of the alternative websites from day one. I blame this mainly on the fact I live 80 or so miles from the original home of Navicache, in Rochester, N.Y., and many of the caches in my area were cross-listed there when I started caching. Many ammo boxes had a Navicache Stencil, which the original owner used to give away at Events. I just always rolled with the alternative Geocaching websites from then on. I used Geocaching.com as my primary caching source from 2003-2015 and was a Premium member almost all that time. Now I only use the alternative Geocaching sites, and have plenty more to keep me occupied with the smartphone GPS enabled games Munzee, Flagstack, Sighter and Monster Cache.


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Total Number of Comments: 87

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Days Caching : 85 From Total Days: 3200

Average Caches Per Caching Day: 1

Most Caches Found In A Day: 8

Most Recent Found It Cache:  OU0B23  (03/17/2018)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
110/24/2010 OU00B6 Quercus Humongous
10005/30/2015 OU07BD OCNA Challenge Cache - Half Alphabet Challenge (cache names)


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Ratio of Recommended Caches to All Caches: 12%

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Days Caching : 53 From Total Days: 3200

Average Caches Per Caching Day: 1

Most Caches Hidden In A Day: 6

The Latest Created Cache:  OU0B23  (03/03/2018)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
109/12/2010 OU00A1  Two mile multi
1008/19/2011 OU0305  Cambria's Hillside Cemetery
2007/11/2012 OU04DA  Upper Niagara River Bit Cache #3
3009/04/2012 OU0583  Nowak Pier No. 5
4009/27/2013 OU06C3  LaSalle Park No. 4
5002/27/2015 OU07AC   Norwegian Lady Webcam


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