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Annapolis Maritime Museum - OU050A

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 Location: United States > Maryland
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 Date Hidden: 28 July 2012
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 Last Modified: 31 July 2012
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When I first saw cycleangela's Fourth Street Park Guestbook Cache published, I was thinking it was this site.  I found this a couple year ago and wanted to list it as a Guestbook Cache, but the book was missing.  I tried contacting the museum, but never got back down to check in it.  I'm not sure if it was never replaced or just has a habit of disappearing.  I'm listing it as a Virtual, for now, but if I learn that the guest book has been replaced, I'll change it to a Guest Book.

Located on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, where Back Creek meets the Severn River, the Sacred Space at the Annapolis Maritime Museum is a lovely spot to sit and watch the sailboats head out for the races. Surrounded by a lovely garden tended by museum volunteers, the Sacred Space lies between the museum’s two major structures: the McNasby Oyster Company Building and the Barge House. The space is part of the Eastport Walking Tour and has evolved into a community gathering place for various events.

Logging Requirement:  Visit the site in person.  You will also need to enter a Log Password to claim this cache.  Have a seat on the bench. Locate the informational sign in front and slightly to the right of you - near the start of the pier.  (The Atlantic...) The Log Password is the second word of the latin name of the featured animal.

Photos of your visit are also greatly appreciated.

This bench and journal was placed as part of the Sacred Spaces program of theTKF Foundation, which has helped develop such places in the Baltimore, Washington and Annapolis areas.

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1 10 July 2013 cycleangela Found it

We were in the area this afternoon getting some cupcake (munzee) and swung by to find the cache here, and I noticed this cache was here. Unfortunately, the guest book has seen better days, I was barely able to sign in. At least it's a nice spot! Thanks for the cache!

1 12 August 2012 sfcchaz Found it

Smile FTF Smile 10:47 AM. I had a little free time this morning and decided to get another cache before the anniversary date coming up.

The bench still does not have a logbook. TFTC


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sfcchaz at Annapolis Maritime Museum
sfcchaz at Annapolis Maritime Museum