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Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence - OU00E1

 Alexandriana Park

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N 35° 21.469' W 80° 49.388' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
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 Date Hidden: 29 September 2010
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 Waypoint: OU00E1


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Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
The flag of North Carolina bears the date of the Mecklenburg Declaration: May 20, 1775.
    The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence pre-dates the US Declaration of Independence by a full year.  This is the site of the signing of the Meck-Dec. by Charlotte area leaders in 1775.  While no original document exists it is believed to be the first such document scribed by the citizens of the British colonies.  The 5 original copies were destroyed in a fire at the home of John McKnitt Alexander.  On Sept 3 1800, Mr. Alexander produced two copies of the document from his notes. There is some dispute as to its origins and even its existance but is said to be the foundation from which the Mecklenburg Resolves were created.  

There is little here at this location aside from a Plaque and a covered display with a recreation of the document.

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1 03 June 2018 GoinPostNet Found it

Stopped by for the Cache Across America cache and noticed this OCNA cache. Thanks for the virtual!
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GoinPostNet at GZ
GoinPostNet at GZ

1 17 November 2016 texliebmann Found it

already logged this once, but the OC site crashed. Here is my second attempt.

I had vaguely heard about this in the past. I remember the old NC plates used to say "First in Freedom" instead of "First in Flight".

I found this at night, thus the photo is a bit dark.


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The Meck at Night
The Meck at Night

1 05 April 2015 ithink314 Found it

Never stopped while commuting past here, but stopped for this interesting virtual. Went for the gc gc next. Thanks, TermiteHunter, for setting this up!

+/- # 30 @ April 5, 2015 4:25 PM
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The Camera *is* the GPSR
The Camera *is* the GPSR
View from Afar
View from Afar

1 15 September 2014 yakkerm2 Found it

TFTC. Cool history. Thanks for bringing me here.

1 30 May 2014 HB31 Found it

Thanks for the history lesson!  As a transplanted North Carolinian, I enjoy learning about our new home state.
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The plaque
The plaque