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Spring Time in Queen Elizabeth Park - OU0960

 Another Munzee - OC Event

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 Date Hidden: 19 March 2016
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 Last Modified: 18 April 2016
 Waypoint: OU0960


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Here in the Lower Mainland of BC we are having the 3rd joint Munzee - OpenCaching NA Event.


Come one, come all to take advantage of a co-existing event.  Meet new cachers, meet old cachers!  Meet Matt from Munzee HQ.


QE Park is one of the jewels of the Lower Mainland (although it's at it best when there is a baseball game on at near by Nat Bailey Park).


Hope to see you there!


The Event starts at 10:00 am so set your alarms (this is a Saturday) and make sure you get here.


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7 18 April 2016 Wet_Coaster attended the event

Thanks to DG for reminding me to log that I attended my own event.



9 18 April 2016 DudleyGrunt Cache archived

Cache was archived.

9 18 April 2016 DudleyGrunt Cache archived

Checking for past, but unarchived, events.  It has been a month, so I'm going to archive this one.  Thanks for hosting and to those who came out. 

Wet_coaster - did you not wish to log the event as attended, yourself?

7 19 March 2016 The Pollywog attended the event

Came Over From the Island, Met the Clan, and had loads of fun.

7 19 March 2016 brilang attended the event

Attended this event