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"D" is for Delta - OU0A42

 A virtual cache on the secure side of the SLC airport

Hidden by  texliebmann

N 40° 47.228' W 111° 59.055' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Utah
 Cache Type: Virtual
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 22 November 2016
 Date Created: 21 November 2016
 Last Modified: 28 November 2016
 Waypoint: OU0A42


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Description   EN, NL   

This should be findable, even if you are transfering planes at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

A little history,

In 1925, Western Air Express was formed to deliver a new service, air mail, to the West Coast. Service began in 1926, and passenger service soon followed. The company was based in Los Angeles and operated a run between LA and Salt Lake City. In 1942, the company’s name was changed to Western Air Lines, and later Western Airlines. The airline’s hubs were Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Denver. Their motto was “The only way to fly”.

In 1987, Western merged with Delta Air Lines. Ever since, Salt Lake City has been a major hub for Delta.

This cache is located at the start of the “D” concourse. The “D” concourse along with the “C”, “E” and some of “B” belong to Delta. Thus, you may walk past this point if you are transferring between flights at SLC.

To claim this cache, take a picture of yourself with the sign located at these coordinates. The sign gives directions to all of the concourses. Post this as part of your log. Please try to get the letter “D” in the picture because “D” is for Delta.

DISCLAIMER: The cache owner does not work for Delta. He frequently flies them as part of his travels for work.

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Va gur zvqqyr bs guvatf.





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1 20 March 2019 Atomic2002 Found it

Tftc im flying delta lol off to spokane wa

3 21 May 2018 texliebmann Comment

This location is still there. The airport is currently undergoing recontruction. When the time comes, the cache will move to a new location as the airport improves.