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A Pioneering Library - OU0B2C

 Manchester Public Library

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N 47° 33.345' W 122° 32.717' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Washington
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Flagpole view

I spent a few weeks in Manchester Washington this spring. A good part of the time my home away from home was the Manchester branch of the Kitsap Regional Library. They had daily newspapers, free wifi and computers, electric outlets for charging devices, friendly staff, a central location near the Manchester Grill and pub, a coffee shop, post office, and a pier.

Flagpole view

They also had decent cell signal, and it was heated and out of the weather, which you particularly appreciate when you're camping in a tent at the nearby state park. One thing they did not have, although they said they previously tried one, was a geocache. I doubt this one will get any more visits than the previous one did, but you never know unless you try. You hear a lot about public-private partnerships. This was a real example. The friends of the library apparently own the building, local gardening clubs help out with landscaping and plantings, and people like me bought t-shirt, plants, and books from the attached used bookstore. The coordinates of this virtual are near where I sat outside on a bench a couple times during pleasant weather, reading, relaxing, and enjoying the scenery. The information you need to find is nearby, and should be easy to find. Maybe you will enjoy a meal at the grill, a coffee at the coffee shop, and a walk around the park and water treatment system like I did.

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Flagpole view from bench
Flagpole view from bench
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