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3 10/01/2016 Bon Echo Comment

Had a really great turn out of letterboxers (40 ish) and a couple also geocache. they were familiar with OCNA and so they might be logging the event and my OCT moving cache.

Of course this is just a comment, I'm not going to log an attended on my own event. Who does that? Sort of like finding your own cache Sealed

7 10/01/2016 Fish Below The Ice attended the event

BoxON! events are always worth the trip. Lots of great folks and some first-rate carves to add to your logbook. Bon Echo claims to have never been to an event before but he still managed to pull off a top-notch event. Tfte!

3 04/22/2016 TermiteHunter Comment

Changed hidden date to 10/1/16 to coincide with event date