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9 05/11/2019 sfcchaz Cache archived

I'm retiring and leaving the area soon. I had to remove my physical caches.

Cache was archived.

3 07/02/2016 sfcchaz Comment

I was on a cache maintenance run and went by here. I found the BIT in good shape, but now at a lower position due to damage on the plastic. All is well.

1 05/19/2016 zepp914 Found it

Thanks for the easy BIT cache. I will have to ask what the hint means.

3 09/20/2015 sfcchaz Comment

I found 18 caches today. 17 of them are mine. I was out on a maintenance run today checking on some of my caches. 11 on the Groundspeak site, 4 on the OCNA site, 2 on the Terracaching site and 1 on the now defunct Garmin Opencaching site (which I removed and will reuse).

This cache is there and in great shape. Come seek it.

1 01/12/2015 DenaBountyHunters Found it


Very clever putting this next to GC326YZ.  I stumbled across this and had to research what it was.  Now I know what a BITcache is and that there is more than one geocaching website.  I feel like my world just got a little bigger.  TFTC!

1 09/10/2014 DisneyScout Found it

Need to work on my cache-fu. Got hint from CO and went looking today. Walked right up to it and saw it right away. I think found everything in the area now. Cool

2 08/18/2014 DisneyScout Didn't find it

This is the second time I've tried to find this without luck. I may try again next week with one of my friends to see if she has better luck. There was a utility truck of some sort parked near GZ, so that didn't help much either. 

1 01/28/2014 lpaulriddle Found it

First OC find and first BIT cache.  Looking forward to checking out a few more OpenCaching listings.  I found this cache in good condition along with the GC and benchmark nearby.  Thanks again for bringing me to this area.

1 12/31/2013 loshad16 Found it

This is my first find.  Went there with my husband last night, but the VFW was on fire and there were a lot of trucks and roads blocking the area.  Was able to find the code today.  Thanks for the cache.

1 11/17/2013 Geo-Kathy Found it

I was so excited to find this cache, my first.   Thanks so much for bringing geo-caching to Glen Burnie.

1 08/18/2013 ConchNative Found it

It is appropriate this cache is my first BIT cache.  This opens up a whole new arena.  TFTC.

1 09/19/2012 gospodyina Found it

Like others, I caught this en route to a geocaching.com cache. This one was a lot easier to find...and log. :)

1 11/27/2011 Tarniel009 Found it

Cool my first bit cache, it was fun and close to another cache.up to date technogy game piece. Tftc

1 08/28/2011 tinyc1112 Found it

I stumbled upon this by accident looking for another geocache.  I was surprised! 

1 08/27/2011 Astronut42 Found it

Out looking for the geocaching cache here but found this bit cache instead. My first openaching find. Thanks SFCChaz!

1 08/22/2011 cycleangela Found it

I was originally going to do this one on Tuesday, but had some free time tonight while I was in the area. When these were first announced, I wasn't so sure about them yet, but I actually kind of like these now. This was my third bit cache in two days. Thanks for the cache!

1 08/20/2011 marylandramblers Found it

This was a fun and unexpected bonus today- thanks to Chaz for getting me started in BIT caching.

1 08/19/2011 Team Bailey Found it

Found it while looking for the nearby geocache. TFTC!

1 08/18/2011 nytepyre Found it

Well. This was an unexpected find. I hadn't read up on benchmarking and thought this may be related to it as I searched for the groundspeak cache. To my surprise, this is a whole other world. Well I'm glad to join it and unknowingly get an STF! TFTC!

1 08/14/2011 DudleyGrunt Found it

2834.  Was headed home from Galesville and realized that chaz had activated his new BITcache.  Figured I'd take the detour and go for the FTF - especially since I'd locked my keys in the car down ther and had spent nearly a couple hours longer than I'd expected in the Pirate's Cove parking lot.  I needed this.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

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FTF, Baby!
FTF, Baby!