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9 01/24/2016 Wet_Coaster Cache archived

Cache was archived.

7 12/28/2015 Keats94 attended the event

I was talking to LANMonkey about Open Caching, and he inspired me to create an account. I am not sure if there was a logbook specific to Open Caching at the event, but I did sign the Geocaching log. This is my first "find" on Open Caching I guess, and I imagine I will be finding more OCNA caches in the future. Thanks for hosting the event! 

7 12/28/2015 LANMonkey attended the event

Thanks for a great event, despite the weather. Awesome turn out and many great conversations.
Thanks WetCoaster and everyone else involved in planning and putring on the event.
Cache safely & cache often.

7 12/27/2015 Wet_Coaster attended the event

It was a wet, rainy, sometimes snowy day in New Westminster.

There were close to 50 people in attendance today for the joint Munzee / Geocaching / OpenCaching event.

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A Banner Event

12 11/06/2015 TermiteHunter OC Team comment