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7 04/18/2016 Wet_Coaster attended the event

Thanks to DG for reminding me to log that I attended my own event.



9 04/18/2016 DudleyGrunt Cache archived

Cache was archived.

9 04/18/2016 DudleyGrunt Cache archived

Checking for past, but unarchived, events.  It has been a month, so I'm going to archive this one.  Thanks for hosting and to those who came out. 

Wet_coaster - did you not wish to log the event as attended, yourself?

7 03/19/2016 The Pollywog attended the event

Came Over From the Island, Met the Clan, and had loads of fun.

7 03/19/2016 brilang attended the event

Attended this event

8 02/08/2016 Hollyburn will attend the event

Will try to make it.