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3 08/22/2016 DisneyScout Comment

You may want to double check on this one. There has been quite a bit of construction in the area.

3 08/20/2014 DisneyScout Comment

Just took over ownership of cycleangela's Something's Mocking You, listed on geocaching.com, that uses the same waypoint coordinates. I told her I wanted to find it on my own before I adopted it. I should have checked c:geo while I was out there and found yours at the same time!

1 03/04/2012 sfcchaz Found it

I was in the area today to seek several of the news ones that have built up over the past couple of weeks. As DudleyGrunt mentioned in his log, cycleangela's "My Other Hobby" geokret did "pop" Surprised out at me. I decided I would move the geokret on. TFTC

1 03/02/2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3141 / 69.  FTF!  Had the day off for an appointment in the afternoon, but had the morning free.  Headed over here to try for the FTF. 

Very much enjoyed the walk out and back.  I will probably be back to put another cache in the area.  Should have just brough one of my ready caches from the car.

Placed the CO's "My Other Hobby!" GeoKret in the cache.  I will probably pop out at you, but I managed to get it in.

I thought it was in my GK inventory, but I will actually need to contact cycleangela to get the tracking number so I can properly log it out of her event and into here.

Thanks and Happy Trails!