1 01/25/2017 TommyGator Found it

Here's my qualifiers:

01/10/2017, Galveston Beach Cam, http://coord.ch/OU0588
11/18/2016, Ochopee - Smallest Post Office In The US, http://coord.ch/OU0965
06/06/2016, Paper or Plastic?, http://coord.ch/OU084F
06/06/2016, VST #1 Virtual Segway Tour, http://coord.ch/OU0864
06/06/2016, VST #2 Smale Park, http://coord.ch/OU0865
06/06/2016, VST #3 The Brigade, http://coord.ch/OU0866
06/06/2016, VST #4 Our Queen, http://coord.ch/OU0867
06/06/2016, VST #5 Yeatmans Cove, http://coord.ch/OU0869
06/06/2016, VST #6 L & N Pedestrian Bridge, http://coord.ch/OU086B
06/06/2016, VST #7 Losantaville, http://coord.ch/OU086C

1 01/15/2017 Bon Echo Found it

I think the admin might have underestimated the challenge of being FTF on 10 OCNA-only caches, given they are few and far between. Unless you happen to live in one of the few "OCNA Hot-Spots", which I don;t but I'm doing my best to make it one. Took me some time to qualify, which I did today after an epic find on a nearly-7-years-since-hidden-and-never-found OCNA-only cache (6 years, 8 months and 16 days since it was hidden until today when it was finally found)

Qualifying for this cache took finds in 2 Candian Provinces and 4 US states. here are my qualifiers (and I see I join an elite group of aaAlt Site cachers here in logging this one :)

01/14/2017    Babes' On The Bruce
06/07/2016    Hot Spot Webcam
06/06/2016    Seawall Cam
12/24/2015    Riverside
11/08/2015    Downtown Parking BIT Cache
08/24/2015    Barrie City Hall Rink
06/28/2015    Alberta's First Cache!
06/13/2015    Welcome to South Dakota
06/13/2015    Welcome to Minnesota
03/31/2015    Kenmore, N.Y. Little Free Library

1 11/20/2015 DudleyGrunt Found it

These took longer in my OCNA carreer than I thought.  From 8/21/10 to 4/9/11.  Some of the caches in between were crosslisted, but more than I thought were logged by others before I got to it. 

1. Odd Spots - What’s the Skinny? – http://coord.ch/OU003B

2. Odd Spots - A not-so-little mermaid - http://coord.ch/OU0075

3. Fort McHenry National Monument - http://coord.ch/OU008C

4. Our Lord and Savior? - http://coord.ch/OU0096

5. Sacred Ground - http://coord.ch/OU00DE

6. Take a Walk at the Zoo - http://coord.ch/OU0150

7. Honoring the Fourth Estate - http://coord.ch/OU013A

8. A View to a Fall - http://coord.ch/OU0103

9. The Remains of the Town - http://coord.ch/OU00FD

10. The Franklin Mint Museum - A Piece of the Past - http://coord.ch/OU020A


Thanks and Happy Trails!


1 11/20/2015 TermiteHunter Found it

I'll be FTF here as well.  I found I had far more than needed but here are my FTF's in order from 9/12/10 - 8/13/12

http://coord.ch/OU0096 Paint Crew

http://coord.ch/OU01a5 and now for something completely disorganized

http://coord.ch/OU01dcWet Paint

http://coord.ch/OU02aoStop before you run into the creek

http://coord.ch/OU02d7John 15 1-5

http://coord.ch/OU031a Shave and a haircut

http://coord.ch/OU03d6 Play ball

http://coord.ch/OU03d8 we just have to eat here

http://coord.ch/OU04e4 Charlotte tower BIT WSOC-tv

http://coord.ch/OU04e2 North Carolina Talllest Towers #30