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1 02/15/2017 BlueRock Found it


1 07/30/2016 EoTwP Found it

With TBC! [:)] T4TC!

1 10/27/2012 sfcchaz Found it

Mrs. sfcchaz and I had a couple of $25 food coupons for Hollywood Casino and also $30 of free slot play. Can you say road trip!?

I knew this one was up here, so that also had a determining factor in making the more than hour trip this way. Wink TFTC

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sfcchaz at Welcome to (NE) Maryland on I-95 (Chesapeake)
sfcchaz at Welcome to (NE) Maryland on I-95 (Chesapeake)

1 07/14/2012 cycleangela Found it

We were headed up to Delaware/North East MD to do some caching, and working on the Hiders and Seekers UNLIMITED contest. I didn't need the new caches up this way, but still decided to get them while we were on this side of the toll bridge. Thanks for the cache, and the chance to get out and walk around.