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1 10/01/2017 Norshley Found it

FTF on a bright Sunday morning, my third in 3 days of Bon Echo OCNA caches. Nice little visit to NOTL. Signed in the guest book. TFTC.

3 05/06/2016 Bon Echo Comment

Stopped here while letterboxing along the Niagara Parkway. Met a couple who were married in this small chapel a number of years ago - it was the two of them, the minister, and one guest. Interesting.

Please do not park in the driveway in front of the chapel - there is a parking lot for the nearby farm market that can also be used for those visiting the chapel. There are picnic tables and public washrooms as well. We timed it right and were treated to a bunch of cherry trees in full blossom - very nice!