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1 03/27/2018 ithink314 Found it

##** Either no one was home, or they didn't come out, but I did my best performance, and finished with a bow. Thanks for the two-fer (or more)! **##

###**Thanks, Fledermaus, for setting this up!**###

+/- 152 @ March 27, 2018 1:32 PM.

1 05/13/2011 masterpuzzler Found it

Good day to be out for a few caches, had a nice chat with the owner while at the cache. thanks.

1 01/03/2011 AndrewRJ Found it

It was very interesting to find one cache and be able to claim a find on all these listing services.  But this cache has the distinction of being my very first find on OCUS!

Nice quick cache once I was able to get the dial to turn.  TFTC.