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1 04/21/2018 TommyGator Found it

Although this has been published for six years, I'm FTF!  I could have been FTF several years ago, as we pass under this bridge often, but usually on our way somewhere else with no time to stop.  That all changed today, as we had a dinner engagement in the Mt Adams neighborhood just a short distance from here.  Took that opportunity to stop, parked at the White Castle, and took the short stroll over to the GZ.

Note for future finders:  The website for the Ohio DOT webcams has changed to


You can also use the Android OHGO app, available from the Play Store

The webcam resolution was poor, but that is me on the bridge (I added an arrow for reference).  For additional confirmation, I also posted a picture of my GPS while I was standing on the bridge and facing in the direction that the webcam looks.


Glad to finally have this one complete----Many thanks!

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
The Taft Rd Webcam Screenshot
The Taft Rd Webcam Screenshot
From the bridge looking south
From the bridge looking south

3 06/27/2012 Mr.Yuck Comment

Sorry, didn't have time to look for this on the way to and from Newport, Kentucky while staying in Dayton, and it was dark on the way back. Hopefully I'll get to it some day. FTF still available!!