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1 09/02/2018 lpaulriddle Found it

First cache logged on this site in several years! Like sfcchaz, I got the notification from this listing service the evening before it published on Groundspeak, but I wasn't in a huge hurry to grab FTF because I wanted to save it for a weekend when I had the opportunity to walk to the cemetery. I love it when I can find a cache without having to get in the car. It doesn't happen often any more. I did not realize there were a couple of Munzees in this area as well. I guess that gives me an excuse to return. TFTC!!

1 08/27/2018 sfcchaz Found it

Smile FTF Smile 11:10 AM. I took off a little early for lunch to come seek this one. Once in the parking lot near GZ, it started looking a little familiar. I gathered the required information and made the quick find once I determined the final coordinates. I hid it a little better than I found it.

I had an advantage on the Groundspeak (GS) geocachers as I knew about this one the night before, but I did not seek this one until 3 hours after the GS publication. I wish I knew ozzy1602 was on the way, I would have waited for him.

So guess who was the only person to seek the "Dead Drop" cache that was here previously???  WinkCool 8/30/2015.


Here's an excerp from the log: 

Logged my name, date and time in the logbook and took note of the log password. The headstone was classic and a dead drop cache at a cemetery is an excellent use of the pun. Thanks for the fun.