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3 09/11/2018 hannahgood Comment

The cache was found left in another location in the park today and has been restored to its original location. Sadly, a few items in the cache might be missing but most of it was found in tact.

2 08/11/2018 DudleyGrunt Didn't find it

Visited today with sfcchaz. Located the hide location, but cache is missing.

Thought it was cool that there were pamphlets at the parking lot for the caches, but wonder if someone unfamiliar with how geocaching works found it and took it. Well constructed housing for the cache that should prevent accidental finds.

Hope to get back and make the find in the near future if it is replaced.

I am in possession of an OCNA moving cache that I wanted to drop off, but then forgot to do so even when we were at the letterbox. Another reason to come back.

Happy Trails!

1 07/06/2018 Recommendation sfcchaz Found it

I had some free time this morning and noticed that there were a few GPSgames.org GeoVexilla Flags I could find that would score me a lot of points. 2 Martinique Flags that were attainable an hour up the road from where I live.

This is my 350th OCNA find. But I've been pretty abscent for the last year. I need to get back into OCNA.

I also noticed this cache and another OCNA Letterbox (seems to be missing) was in the park which I could find on the way home. This was a very nicely done cache and was very clean and dry. What was surprising is that there were 10 signatures on the logbook. Several of them I know, but they're not really OCNA cachers. I suppose that geocachers just take a look at things when they're nearby just in case. I was up here a couple months ago ( as were several hundred other cachers) for the MGS CAM 2018 Picninc, but didn't realize that this cache was here.

I took one of the Wye Oak chips and left a personal pathtag of mine. I'm giving this one a recommnedation vote. TFTC

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Cool Iguanodon FB group Rock in cache.
Cool Iguanodon FB group Rock in cache.

1 08/09/2017 Rotten Bunnies Found it

 Our First "first to find"!  Awesome!

3 08/07/2017 TermiteHunter Comment