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9 12/28/2018 ithink314 Cache archived

Cache was archived.

7 12/02/2018 ithink314 attended the event

We didn't collect as many tons of trash as previous, but we went about twice as far down the trail, and played dirty Santa with only a bit of confusion and discussion. Now we wait for our name to be on the sign. Any day getting boots dirty and wet is a good one for me, especially if no one slips and breaks any bones! Thanks to all attendees, from near AND far. Thanks especially for bringing us the Florida weather! I hope you all get to come back soon and find all 20 hides down the rest of the trail.

###**Thanks, ithink314, for setting this up!**###

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3 12/02/2018 GoinPostNet Comment

Great day to be out cleaning up the trails and finding caches. Can't argue with a 70 degree day in December, new caches to be found along the trail, and a bunch of great cachers! Thanks for organizing this clean up.

8 11/29/2018 ithink314 will attend the event

##** Yes I will, I think. **##

###**Thanks, ithink314, for setting this up!**###

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