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1 01/05/2019 melindaandben Found it

Found it. Good one. Tftc.


Almost logged it as cjs cache but caught or mistake just in time.


Ftf yay! Left small diamond

3 04/22/2016 Bon Echo Comment

Stopped by and replaced this cache with something a bit larger - making it a small by the groundspeak definition (100 ml - 1L), but just barely. It's a small nalegene bottle, probably 125 ml. Forgot to bring the BIT cache that I intend to hide in this park, so I have a good reason to return again soon.

3 09/04/2015 Bon Echo Comment

I updated the description. The two caches are so very different it's hard to image them being confused. I didn't realize the 300' rule applies to distance between OCNA caches and other cache hides. That really changes things since the geocaching landscape is already quite saturated with gc.com hides. I avoid hidding caches when I think there is a chance of them being confused with other nearby hides (either by distance or by contain sizer or hide style), but keeping 300' from any gc cache is going to be difficult in practically all interesting locations around here.