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9 01/12/2019 sfcchaz Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 01/12/2019 sfcchaz Comment

Was out on a maintenance run and this one was no longer there. It hasn't been found in years and I'm moving out of the area soon, so I'm going to archive it.

3 09/20/2015 sfcchaz Comment

I found 18 caches today. 17 of them are mine. I was out on a maintenance run today checking on some of my caches. 11 on the Groundspeak site, 4 on the OCNA site, 2 on the Terracaching site and 1 on the now defunct Garmin Opencaching site (which I removed and will reuse).

This cache is there and in great shape. Come seek it.

1 01/01/2014 loshad16 Found it

The find was fun and great thanks for it.  When I found it, it was waterlogged.  We dried it with the car heater.  Sadly some of the people who signed the log were just a smear of color on the log.  Thanks for the cace.

1 10/30/2011 cycleangela Found it

I keep saying that I'm going to find this one on a night I teach at the gym, but I haven't been able to leave the house in time to go search. I finally did this one today, since I was having an event nearby. This was a quick c&d. Thanks for the cache!

1 06/02/2011 DudleyGrunt Found it

2697.  FTF!  Was glad to have a new OCUS cache to go for, this evening.  I first spotted the other end of the sidewalk and looked around for a place to park and then realized it was at the other end, in a place mor fitting the subtitle of the cache.

Thanks and Happy Trails!