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1 03/22/2019 JASTA 11 Found it

We were out caching on the western side of the state today and finally swung by here to hunt RI's first OC. RI's first OCUS turned out to be a PNG. Still in good shape after all this time. A little damp, but quite signable.

Checked the frog site, but didn't see a cache listed anywhere nearby. Just as well. I don't understand why cross-listing is encouraged by this site. It doesn't accomplish anything, which may be why this site hasn't progressed in quite a while. It's too bad. Frown

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1 12/01/2014 jdaneau Found it

"Tanks" for the cache. The clue was a bit useless.  I like caches that haven't been found in a while because nature has a better way of hiding them.


3 11/09/2011 Sabrefan7 Comment

Thanks for your listing. I hope it brings more folks to Opencaching North America!