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3 03/23/2019 networkcacher Comment

Verizon came out and removed their old phone box so this cache has gone away.  Look for more Old Town hides soon.  Farewell

9 03/23/2019 networkcacher Cache archived

Cache was archived.

1 06/24/2012 Team Bailey Found it

I'm a local cacher from right here in alexandria. TFTC!

1 01/24/2012 Cachew Knutz Found it

TFTC! On the way home to Fredericksburg from Maryland and thought we should have at least a few OCUS finds to go along with our two recent hides.

3 05/20/2011 networkcacher Comment

Checked in on the little guy and he was tucked in safe and sound.  There was some trash in there with him so I removed that.  Lots of room left in the original Opencaching US logsheet.  Cache on! Cool

1 11/13/2010 gabiandbeecharmer13 Found it

Was in the area and this was the closest cache to me. The cache name told me I was looking in the right location, but still needed the hint to make the find. Thanks for the cache.

1 10/16/2010 wetfit Found it

I was in Old Town to check on something for the CO (NetworkCacher) and while I was in the area I dropped by to find this cache. No muggles early in the morning, which made for a quick find. This was my first opencaching and it was a lot fun. THX4TC.

1 09/04/2010 sfcchaz Found it

My fifth and final OC cache for the day. This one took a few minutes until I found the hint. TFTC

1 08/29/2010 DudleyGrunt Found it

3.  My first physical OCUS cache!  The clue was definitely a big help.  Still, I needed to return to the car to get a geo-tool.  Noticed that I was once again following donbadabon around today. 

Today wasn't quite the most efficient day of caching, but I did want to grab a few more area OC caches. 


1 08/29/2010 donbadabon Found it

I watched the GPSr count down to zero at the most likely spot and started searching. And spotted nothing. Hmm.

Read the hint, and tried to make sense of it when all of a sudden the answer was staring me in the face.

Nicely hidden, and loved the hint once I made the connection.


1 08/26/2010 nighthawk700 Found it

FTF!  When more people get on OC, this will be harder to get, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.  ;-)

Anyway, the in-laws are visiting and camping out in my living room, so I can't do my usual morning routine of watching the news before work.  So I leave home early... what to do, what to do... Go geocaching!!!!  I scribbled down the coordinates and information, and headed for Old Town.  I pulled in right behind the street sweeper, a nice clean parking space.  I walked over to GZ and figured out the object where the cache was hidden, just had to figure out where on it the cache was... not here... not there.... try the first place again... Ah, there it is!! 

I hadn't had my morning beverage yet, so I first signed the wrong side of the log.  Looked at the other side, and realized my boneheaded move, so flipped it and signed the FTF reserved location.  Nice job on the OC log paper! 

When I get more time (maybe even tomorrow since the in-laws are here for a few more days), I'll hunt more of your Old Town Tour caches.  Oh, and I come from the far away land of Fairfax, VA.

Thanks for the hide!