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9 03/24/2019 sfcchaz Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 03/20/2019 sfcchaz Comment

I was passing by here and realized I had looked at this one in a long time. GZ has changed a little and I could not locate the cache. Will archive as I am leaving the area soon.

3 02/23/2012 sfcchaz Comment

I checked on this one and it is still there waiting to be found. I spoke with Nighthawk700 to reassure him that it is still there.

2 02/06/2012 nighthawk700 Didn't find it

I bombed this one.  I got fixated on two different things, but the cache wasn't on either one.  :-(   I'll try talking to the co for a push one way or the other. 

1 08/21/2011 DudleyGrunt Found it

2900!  I wasn't actually sure this was going to be a milestone, until I finished going thru my finds from Fri/Sat' run to VA Beach with CodyHollowFarm and coupleocachers.  Glad to make this one, though.  Now, what will I do for #3000?

Took me a few minutes of looking around, until I recalled the phrasing on the cache page and limited my search area.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 08/20/2011 cycleangela Found it

FTF! Found this one before heading out to check on a few of my caches, since this one was only a couple of miles from home. This was a quick find to start off my day. As a side note, I hope they found their cat!

Not related to the cache at all, but after I left and got on 295 south, I got to see an amazing convoy of motorbikes on their way to the PA location where the plane went down on 9/11. I'd seen on the news that was happening this weekend, but I'd forgotten when they'd be through the area. If I had not have stopped for this cache, I would have missed it.

Thanks for placing this new cache!