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1 05/06/2019 ithink314 Found it

##** Been "working" on this one diligently for years, and went over sometime when I wasn't paying attention. [:D] Another lonely find too! **##

###**Thanks, OCNAChallenges, for setting this up!**###

+/- 161 @ May 6, 2019 11:44.
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#13 @ 52
#13 @ 52

1 05/17/2015 NativTxn Found it

Still #2 with 374 finds as of 5/17/15. :)

2     374   NativTxn

1 05/13/2015 cycleangela Found it

So far, I've received 55 found logs on my owned caches. Thanks for setting up these challenges!

1 05/10/2015 TermiteHunter Found it

Same as the previous. 514 as of now. Many more to come

1 05/09/2015 Sabrefan7 Found it

Since I am at 9th place with 66  I qualify for this one too. Thanks

1 05/08/2015 Mr.Yuck Found it

OK, I have some time, and all of these have been logged (that I don't qualify for) so lets knock out some finds. I have 149 finds on my caches, ranked No. 5 on the site. Of course the account OCNAChallenges will pass me eventually.

1 05/07/2015 DudleyGrunt Found it

I currently have 361 finds on my OCNA caches.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

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From Statistics Page
From Statistics Page

1 05/07/2015 sfcchaz Found it

Today was the first time I checked out the blog for the new challenge caches and decided to log at least one. I currently have 78 'Found It' logs for my caches. Definately will be checking out more of these later. Thanks for the fun.