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1 02/25/2017 Moxyscott Found it

been here often. Finally started looking at the smattering of Caches on this site to log. 

1 08/17/2014 North of 49 Found it

Came here a month ago in the dark with my kids.  Followed the GPS until I realized it was taking us to the old fountain. It turned out we walked RIGHT BY the fountain TWICE in the dark, but with no flashlights we didn't see it. Then more recently found the fountain with Moxyscott but didn't have the descrption and photographed the wrong side of the sign. Sigh. Finally got it right today. Thanks for the cache. 

3 08/06/2014 Wet_Coaster Comment

Sorry about the coordinates.  I've updated them and will check again in a few days to make sure these are correct.

1 08/05/2014 LANMonkey Found it

Quick find once I realized where this actually was; for some reason the coords that loaded on my GPSr wanted to take me almost a kilometer away from where I figured the cache must be.

Quick find, and the answer has been emailed to the C/O.

Thanks for the cache, WetCoaster!

Cache safely, and cache often.

The LANMonkeys