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1 04/16/2018 TermiteHunter Found it

Fantastic. My second OCNA cache for the day. Next one should be out of the state.
Thanks for participating in OCNA

1 10/15/2016 TheWolfes Found it

Catching a flight by myself and was suprised to find this right next to my gate. Thanks!

1 05/28/2016 Katja104 Found it

Found this one easily while waiting for a connection flight to New York JFK. TFTC

1 03/27/2016 ithink314 Found it

Got distracted by the first place meeting description, found it at the second. Helped wait for delayed flight. Thanks!

1 02/28/2016 7 Iron Found it

Found it. Decided to look and see if there were any virtual here and sure enough there it is. TFTC

1 01/11/2015 E7E Found it

Connecting through Charlotte and got this one going from gates E to C. Thanks for allowing a quick one.

1 06/03/2014 themulcher Found it

Spotted this one while waiting for a flight to Des Moines Iowa  Thanks

1 05/28/2014 GoinPostNet Found it

Another grab before heading to Vegas for the PostNet conference. Thanks for another cache to help kill time at the airport!

1 05/02/2014 rvstauff Found it

Got it after a trip to Alabama. I was staying right by the University! How appropriate I find a bamafan cache after the trip?

And I beat Termitehunter to the find!

Thanks, Bamafan!

1 04/18/2013 medic302 Found it

Another virtual with Bamafan while waiting for our flight to Dallas on a geocaching adventure. This is a great warmup! Thanks for the cache!